UI & UX Course

             UI (user interface) / UX (user experience) describes a set of concepts, guidelines, and workflows for critically thinking about the design and use of an interactive product. UI/UX is a growing profession in the geospatial industry and broader technology sector, with UI/UX designers needed to engage with stakeholders and target users throughout large software engineering and web design projects.


          100 Hours

Course Content


  • Introduction to Design

  • Principals of Design

  • Elements of Design

  • Symmetrical and Asymmetrical Design

  • New concepts and implementation

  • Career in Design


  • Introduction to Color

  • Colour Theory

  • Implementation of Harmony Color Scheme

  • Implementation of Contrast Color Scheme


Introduction to Typography

Types of Fonts

Font suitable implementation and Reasoning

How to choose fonts

Font family and their features


Introduction of UI & UX

Difference Between UI & UX

Innovations in UI & UX

Career in UI & UX

Layout Planning

Introduction to Layouts

Creating layouts on paper

Improving and rethinking

Conducting Research

Defining Objectives, and Audience

Website Wire-framing

Tools to use for wire-framing

Creating Wire-frames

Critics and discussions

Finalizing after requirement Analysis

PSD for website

Introduction to PSD

Introduction to tools

Image optimisation

Creating layouts

Converting PSD to web page


Introduction to Illustrator

Tools and options

Working with Grid system

Creating of layouts

Adobe XD

Introduction to Adobe XD

Colour coding and working with Tools

Creating Prototype


  • Introduction to HTML5

  • Working with HTML5 Structure

  • New Tags and Layout Building

  • Creating of web pages


Introduction to CSS and CSS3

Working with CSS3

New Properties

Designing of Web pages


Introduction to bootstrap 4

Working with Bootstrap 4

Creating layouts and working with grid system

Introduction to Responsive Design