Java Full Stack Course

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          We bring coding skills to all walks of people to become a developer, whether you want to change the stream of your job or add technical know-how skillset. Our ultimate aim is to provide flexible, affordable, beginner-friendly courses and that’s why we are having the best tailor-made tech courses by top tech professionals, we aim to provide flexible, affordable, beginner-friendly java programming training.

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          3 Months.

Course Content

Java Basics

• Overview of Java
• Features of Java
• Setting up Java environment
• Introduction to JVM
• Overview of objects and classes
• Data type and identifier
• Operators in Java
• Variable in Java
• Typecasting
• Autoboxing and unboxing
• Command line argument
• Constructs in Java (loops, if/else, switch case)
• Arrays in Java
• Array algorithms
• Overview of collections
• File handling

OOPs Concepts

• Objects and classes
• Constructor in Java
• Static keyword
• Method overloading
• This keyword
• Inheritance
• Method overriding
• Package
• Access modifiers
• Runtime polymorphism
• Aggregation
• Instance of operator
• Abstract class
• Interface
• Final keyword
• Introduction to inner classes and anonymous classes (overview with an example, why
they are needed, real life use cases).


• Introduction to collection
• Collection interfaces
• Iterator and listIterator
• List collection
• Set collection
• Map collection
• Collections class
• Comparable and comparator interfaces
• Generic collection
• Legacy classes

String Handling

• Introduction to string
• String class function
• String Buffer class
• String Builder class

Exception Handling

• Introduction to exceptions
• Try and catch block
• Try with resource statement
• Throw, throws and finally
• User made exception subclass
• Method overriding with exception handling
• Chained exceptions

Multithreading in Java

• Multithreading
• Thread class
• Creating a thread
• Synchronization
• Inter-thread communication

New features

• Java I/O stream
• Lambda expressions

Exposure to Database

• Relational


• REST Basics :
Rest vs MVC, Rest APIS using spring annotation
API Documentation
• Swagger and postman

Build Tool Maven / Gradle

• Maven basics, Maven project creation, Maven dependencies, packaging
• Gradle basics and jar / war creations

Java IDE

• IntelliJ IDE, Eclipse
• Project creation, debuggin


• Basics
• Clone
• Pull
• Push
• Branch
• Create new project in GitHub


• Sample AngularJS application

Live Project

• Integrate MySQL database using JPA + Spring
• Authentication and authorisation will be done using JWT
• Create UI Project with Interaction.
• Logs need to be recorded into file for certain periods of time
• Maintaining API documentation with swagger