We at iTLine24 can help you master this powerful framework and build a remarkable career in the IT industry. Our intensive training course is designed to help students learn Node.JS from scratch and develop robust and scalable network applications. Our curriculum includes an introduction to Node.js and its modules followed by advanced programming concepts that would help you build some great real-world applications with ease.

          Our focus is to create competent Node.JS developers who are ready to be a part of the dynamic IT world. Node.JS training program will take you from a beginner to an intermediate Node.JS developer. You will have learnt fundamentals of JavaScript, Node.JS and worked on a live project.


          3  Months

Course Content

Basics of JavaScript

  • Introduction to JavaScript, Syntax, Comments


  • Introduction to HTML5
  • Creating form
  • Submit form
  • Viewing data in tabular form


  • Understanding of CSS

JS Validation

Validation on form using JS

JS Variables, Data Types, Operator

  • Details of JavaScript variables, data types and operators
  • Exercises on variable, data types and operator

JS Functionals

  • Understanding of JS function and syntax with classroom exercises
  • Types of functions, Declaration of function
  • Function invocation
  • Classroom exercises of different type of function and their invocation

JS Arrays and Objects

  • Detail understanding of JS arrays and object and it’s working
  • What is array
  • Basic operation of array, Methods of array
  • JS objects
  • Difference between object and array
  • Some exercises on array and objects

Comparisons in JS

  • String comparison
  • Comparison of different types
  • Strict equality
  • Comparison with null and undefined
  • Exercise on different type of comparison

JS Scope and Keywords

  • Details understanding of JS keywords
  • JavaScript scope
  • Difference between let,var and constant
  • Types of usage of these keywords

Understanding of Modern JS

Asynchronous JavaScript, Callback and Callback hell

  • Asynchronous programming in JS
  • Understanding of callback in JS
  • Callback hell in JS

Promise and Error Handling in JS

  • Detail understanding of promise in JS
  • Difference between promise and callback.
  • Error handling in JS
  • Exercise on callback and promise.

Basics of Node.JS

  • What is Node.JS
  • Understanding of google v8 engine
  • Features of Node.JS
  • Comparison of Node JS with other programming language
  • Where to use Node.JS
  • Understanding of node process model
  • Comparison with traditional web application processing model

Installing of Node and Understanding of Node Version Manager

  • Installing node.js in different platform
  • Understanding of node version manager
  • Installing node using node version manager

NPM and Node Module

  • Understanding of npm
  • Understanding of node modules
  • Initializing node project using npm
  • Understanding of package.json file
  • Adding dependency in package.json
  • Installing packages locally and globally

Asynchronous Programming in Node.JS

  • Understanding of asynchronous programming in Node.JS

Filesystem in Node.JS

  • Understanding of file system in Node.JS
  • Usage of fs module and its functions

Node.JS-Event Loop

  • Event-driven programming
  • Events vs Callbacks

Introduction of Express

  • What is express
  • Why express
  • Advantage of using express

ExpressJS – Hello World Application and Express Application Generator

  • Developing our first application using express
  • Usage of express application generator
  • Understanding of code generate by application generator
  • Understanding of Node module used in express generator

Express Routiing and Middleware

  • Understanding of express routing and middleware
  • Usage of express router and middleware
  • Exercise on serving template using routes

Node.JS Template

  • Understanding of Node.JS template
  • Usage of Node handlebar template
  • Overview of other Node templates such as jade and ejs

Express URL Building and HTTP Methods

  • Understanding of body params, query params and path params
  • URL building with dynamic path params
  • HTTP methods used in express

MySQL and Sequelize

  • Understanding of SQL database
  • Installation of mySQL database
  • Understanding of ORM sequelize
  • Connection of mySQL database with Node.JS using sequelize ORM
  • Querying from database using Node.JS and sequelize
  • Inserting data into database using Node.JS and sequelize

Authentication and Authorization Using Passport

  • Understanding of passport module
  • Usage of passport module
  • Basic authentication using passport

Restful API

  • Understanding of restful API
  • Standard used in restful API
  • Designing of restful API

Authentication and Authorization Using JWT

  • Understanding of token based authentication
  • Integration of JWT module
  • Authentication and authorization using JWT

Postman and Swagger

  • Understanding of tools like swagger, postman
  • Usage of postman and swagger
  • Integration of swagger in Node.JS


  • Usage of tool forever
  • Integration of tool forever

Logging in Node.JS

  • Integration of logging library in Node.JS like winston
  • Log rotation

Understanding of GitHub

  • Understanding of GitHub
  • Usage of GitHub
  • Overview of basic git commands


  • Debugging Node js application
  • Usage of code and debugging

Best Practices in JS and Node.JS

  • Best Practices used in industries for js and Node js

Practice Session

  • Doubt clearing session
  • Practice session

Live Project

  • Node js web application using express js
  • Integrate mysql database using ORM sequelize.
  • Authentication and Autherization will be done using Node passport module
  • Create views using Node js template
  • Graphs will be displayed on the dashboard
  • Crud operation on database using sequelize
  • Logs need to be recorded into file for certain periods of time
  • REST API needs to be exposed which is secured by JWT token
  • API documentation needs to be maintain using swagger
  • Server should be started using forever
  • Code need to be maintain on github repo