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           We at iTLine24 can help you master this powerful framework and build a remarkable career in the IT industry. Our intensive training course is designed to help students learn Node.JS from scratch and develop robust and scalable network applications. Our curriculum includes an introduction to Node.js and its modules followed by advanced programming concepts that would help you build some great real-world applications with ease.

          Our focus is to create competent Node.JS developers who are ready to be a part of the dynamic IT world. Node.JS training program will take you from a beginner to an intermediate Node.JS developer. You will have learnt fundamentals of JavaScript, Node.JS and worked on a live project.


          3  Months

  • Java Basics
    Overview of Java Features of Java Setting up Java environment Introduction to JVM Overview of objects and classes Data type and identifier Operators in Java Variable in Java Typecasting Autoboxing and unboxing Command line argument Constructs in Java (loops, if/else, switch case) Arrays in Java Array algorithms Overview of collections File handling
  • OOPs Concepts
    Objects and classes Constructor in Java Static keyword Method overloading This keyword Inheritance Method overriding Package Access modifiers Runtime polymorphism Aggregation Instance of operator Abstract class Interface Final keyword Introduction to inner classes and anonymous classes (overview with an example, why they are needed, real life use cases).
  • Collections
    Introduction to collection Collection interfaces Iterator and listIterator List collection Set collection Map collection Collections class Comparable and comparator interfaces Generic collection Legacy classes
  • String Handling
    Introduction to string String class function String Buffer class String Builder class
  • Exception Handling
    Introduction to exceptions Try and catch block Try with resource statement Throw, throws and finally User made exception subclass Method overriding with exception handling Chained exceptions
  • Multithreading in Java
    Multithreading Thread class Creating a thread Synchronization Inter-thread communication
  • Advanced Topics
    Logging Enumerations Serialization Java networking
  • New features
    Java I/O stream Lambda expressions
  • Types of Architectures
    MVC, MVP, HMVC Service oriented architecture
  • Exposure to Database
    Relational NoSQL Security
  • Primer to Web Technologies
    HTML & CSS JS & JQuery
  • Exposures to Web Servers, App Servers"
    Overview of front end, back end (an http server) and REST API. How a mobile app is built. How a web application is built.
  • Java Web
    JSP Servlets Cookies/Session
  • Advanced Tools
    Find bugs Fire bugs ANT Git SVN
  • HTML
    Introduction to HTML5 Creating form Submit form
  • CSS
    Understanding of CSS
  • JavaScript
    An Introduction to JavaScript, syntax, comments Validation on form using JS
  • Advance Java : Server
    Server basics Request response module Web server vs Application server
  • Advance Java : Servlets
    Servlets and JSP Servlet life cycle, interfaces Servlet, GenericServlet, HttpServlet, ServletRequest, ServletResponse, Filter HTTP, HTTP Request, Get vs Post, Servlet Container, Servlet Interface, GenericServlet class, HttpServlet, RequestDispatcher, SendRedirect, Filter
  • Advance Java : Session Management
    Session management : Using cookies, URL rewriting, HTML hidden field, HTTP Session
  • CORS
    CORS Basics : Using @CrossOrigin, Global CORS configuration : for Origins, Methods, Headers
    REST Basics : Rest vs MVC, Rest APIS using spring annotation
  • API Documentation
    Swagger and postman
  • Build Tool Maven
    Maven basics, Maven project creation, Maven dependencies, packaging
  • Java IDE
    Eclipse basics Project creation, debugging
  • Database Basics
    Basics about different databases and DBMS, bridging, required software’s Basics about servers Introduction of DB and SQL, differences and it’s working DB modelling and use of normalizations, associations
  • GitHub
    Basics Clone Pull Push Branch Create new project in GitHub
  • Live Project
    Integrate MySQL database using JPA + Spring Authentication and authorisation will be done using JWT Create views using HTML+CSS+JS template Graphs will be displayed on the dashboard Crud operation on database using JPA + Spring Logs need to be recorded into file for certain periods of time Maven for project structure and library management Maintaining API documentation with swagger
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