FT-0011 - DevOps Hashicorp Vault , Cloud IAM,CICD,Azure,Linux Administration(Remote )

Primary Skillset for this role:

HashiCorp Engineering and Enable and Test auth methods and secret engines, Automate policy configurations and auth/secret engine configurations using Terraform modules/APIs Desired Skills and Experience:

• Work with and assist team implementing HashiCorp Vault Environment and Service Offering.

• Assist application team(s) which will be onboarding digital secrets to HashiCorp to include reviewing environment for an authentication method, secrets engine to onboarded secrets, assist in developing compliance reporting, policy review/enforcement, end to end lifecycle management activities.

• Work with team to expand services and visibility after initial POC(s) and Go Live(s) by continuing to review offers, speaking with stakeholders, and assisting new application teams to adopt and automate.

• Enable and Test auth methods and secret engines identified by the project team

• Provide input on configurations to optimize policies and license

• Review strategy and roadmap and make suggestions for improvement or optimization

• Automate policy configurations and auth/secret engine configurations using Terraform modules/APIs

• Configure Vault Audit logs and automate reporting against Vault for compliance and auditing purpose

• Create an Operations guide to document administrator activities such as environment upgrades, procedures for DR failover and failback, etc.

• Review and update current runbook

• Assist Team with POC applications being implemented and troubleshoot Vault integration

• Install and build Vault in PAM Dev environment

• Hashicorp Vault – Experience with CSP (AWS, Azure, GCP), AWS, Azure, and GCP secret engines, TLS Cert auth methods and AWS, Azure, GCP, SSH, Database: Expert

• AD Secret Engines is required (highly desirable)

• Cloud IAM - Experience on IAM services provided by major cloud providers GCP, Azure, AWS: Expert

• Terraform – Vault Provider: Expert

• CICD Pipeline Integration: Intermediate

• APIs - Vault APIs, Cloud APIs: Expert

• Azure DevOps: Intermediate

• Linux Administration: Intermediate

Job Benefits & Perks

·100% Remote Team, work from anywhere

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