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PT-0026 - Scala Developer (Remote )

We have a Freelancing Part-Time Opportunity for the role of Scala Developer.

Experience: 4 Years

Key Responsibilities:

• Designs and automates the deployment of our distributed system for ingesting and transforming data from various types of sources (relational, event-based, unstructured).

• Designs and implements a framework to continuously monitor and troubleshoot data quality and data integrity issues.

• Implements data governance processes and methods for managing metadata, access, retention to data for internal and external users.

• Designs and provide guidance on building reliable, efficient, scalable, and quality data pipelines with monitoring and alert mechanisms that combine a variety of sources using ETL/ELT tools or scripting languages.

• Designs and implements physical data models to define the database structure.

• Optimizing database performance through efficient indexing and table relationships.

• Participates in optimizing, testing, and troubleshooting data pipelines.

• Designs, develops and operates large-scale data storage and processing solutions using different distributed and cloud-based platforms for storing data (e.g. Data Lakes, Hadoop, Hbase, Cassandra, MongoDB, Accumulo, DynamoDB, others).

• Uses innovative and modern tools, techniques, and architectures to partially or completely automate the most common, repeatable, and tedious data preparation and integration tasks in order to minimize manual and error-prone processes and improve productivity.

• Assists with renovating the data management infrastructure to drive automation in data integration and management.

• Ensures the timeliness and success of critical analytics initiatives by using agile development technologies such as DevOps, Scrum, Kanban Coaches, and develops less experienced team members.


• Hands-on Azure Data experience

• Tools to have Databricks, Synapse, Data Factory, etc.

• High functional knowledge of Big Data

• Hands-on experience automating the ETL process

• No specific tool is required: Jenkins preferred

• Scala or PySpark knowledge (Scala preferred)

Job Type: Part-Time

Job Benefits & Perks

·100% Remote Team, work from anywhere

Interested one please click on Apply Now button below and fill up the small form or email CV to Thank you All!


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